Effective July 1st 2018, WSM will begin automatic billing for all students.  Lesson plans will be renewed by WSM when they run out using the client’s current credit card on file.  Clients are responsible for keeping their preferred credit card current. Cards can be managed through our portal (we are happy to show you how if you need it) or we can change/update card info for you.

Clients are responsible for letting the staff know if they would like to stop their lessons, or make any changes to their lesson plan or billing.  

Clients can opt out of our automatic billing.  Clients who opt out will not have their weekly lesson time reserved past the number of lessons on their current plan.  For example, a client who buys a five pack of lessons but opts out of automatic billing will have their weekly lesson time reserved for five weeks only.  After that their spot will not be guaranteed.

Clients who prefer to pay by cash or check may continue to do so but will need to provide a credit card on file to reserve their ongoing lesson time.

You must have a current, valid lesson package to reserve a lesson in advance.

Switching to automatic billing will reduce the number of email notifications generated by our scheduling program, as well as follow-up emails/calls from our front desk staff.  It will also allow us to better manage our client’s accounts more efficiently.

For almost all of our students this doesn’t change much.  We value and appreciate our students and thank you for your continued support - please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.