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Private, one-on-one instruction in our facility allows students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques.  Students can start private lessons any time of the year or month, so there's no need to wait to get started.  No matter your skill level, age*, or preferred style, we are happy to help.   All of our private students are given several opportunities for performance throughout the school year as well.  

At WSM we don’t use an over-arching curriculum. Every child learns differently & has their own goals, and every teacher has their own strengths and style. You’re paying for private lessons - why use the same methods as everyone else or a franchise-mandated progression? We’ll build your child’s lesson plan specifically for them.

Private rates are::        
5 half hour lessons - $49 each
15 half hour lessons - $44 each

5 hour lessons - $79 each
15 hour lessons - $74 each

Please note that as of September 2019 each package has increased by $2/lesson.

We also offer a sibling discount - we can split an hour-long lesson into two half hour lessons.
Please email to set up your first appointment!

Cancellation policy: We have a firm 24 hour cancellation policy. Lessons cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will not be counted or penalized at all.  Any lesson cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be counted as completed, whether the student is there or not.   

* Parents are often unsure when their children are ready to begin private instruction.  Our general rule of thumb is this:  If a child can read the numbers 1-5 on a piece of paper and can (more or less) sit still for half an hour, they are ready to go!  Especially on piano, drums or violin.  Our only age restriction for instruments is for guitar - it's a big instrument (even smaller ones) that requires a good amount of hand strength and fine motor skills.  HOWEVER, the ukulele is GREAT for kids as young as 3, uses all of the same techniques as guitar on a smaller scale and is much more fun for smaller people to learn on, even if they plan on switching over to guitar when they're a bit older (usually around 8 or 9).  

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