About Us


The Williamsburg School of Music is a local, family business.

The Williamsburg School of Music the neighborhood’s first (and, we think, the best!) music education facility offering private and group lessons for guitar, voice, bass, piano, drums, woodwinds, strings and just about anything else.  We feature large practice rooms full of top gear and a world-class staff of teachers, as well as a comfortable place to learn.

We all have a great deal of experience in teaching music and believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun and inspirational instead of stuffy and stifling.  This is reflected in our teaching methods - we're going to have a great time learning, creating, building and progressing together. We know that we can provide top level music education without sacrificing the fun of it all. 

The owners are Craig and David Howe - a son/father team from New York.  Craig is a professional musician and educator who lives in Williamsburg.  David is a former jazz player who lives in Chelsea.  We're not a chain, we're not a franchise - we're two music lovers who have a passion to pass on what we've learned, in a way that will enrich the place we call home.