Where can I wait for my child?  
You're more than welcome to wait in our lounge and enjoy free WiFi and a comfy seat. 

Will there be a performance at the end of the semester?
Yes!  There will be a recital for private lesson students as well a a concert for our band students.  Both will be at a music venue here in Williamsburg. 

Can I get a refund if my child wants to drop? 
Yes.  Within 4 weeks of registration you are entitled to a full refund of your lesson fees.  After the 4th week you are entitled to Williamsburg School of Music credit.

My child wants to switch instruments/teacher mid-semester .
No problem!

Do I need to buy an instrument for myself/my child?
Definitely.  In order to get the most out of instruction you're going to need to practice at home.  Drummers can get away with just practice pads if noise is an issue.  And luckily our friends at Main Drag Music are offering discounts on all equipment for our students!

Can I take my lesson in my home?
Not with us.  Minor convenience is really the only advantage to home lessons - we believe they end up being full of distractions, and our school is set up to offer the perfect learning environment and can meet any needs that may arise.

Do I need to purchase a piano for piano lessons?
Not necessarily.  Many beginner students are fine starting with an electronic keyboard, and high-end electronic pianos are an affordable option for more advanced students.   

Do you rent instruments? 
No.  We focus on education.  We're happy to steer you in the right direction, though, if you're looking to rent.

How young or old do I have to be to start lessons?
We offer introductory mommy-and-me music classes for as young as 6 months.  Generally when a child is old enough to read the numbers 1-5 they may be old enough to play piano, drums or violin.  5 is a good general age to start ukulele, and 8 for guitar (because of the size of the instrument) but there are always exceptions depending on a child's ability to stay focused.   And you're never too old to pick up an instrument, ever.

How long should I practice? 
There are no hard and fast rules.  Generally speaking, 15 minutes each day for beginners and up to an hour or more a day for advanced students. 30 minutes is a good general rule for intermediate players. It is best to establish a daily routine to achieve the best results.

If I miss a lesson, can I make it up? 
We have a very reasonable make-up/cancellation policy - just give us 24 hour's notice.  Most missed lessons can be made up.

Are you a franchise?
 No.  We're a family business and we are independently owned and operated.